Wednesday, January 22, 2014

No Rules

The conversation flew like the snow outside the window as we tossed words from one to the other. Without leaving our chairs, we wandered down the paths of womanhood and motherhood and jobs and passions, poking our heads around bends in the road and relaying our observations. Distracted as I was when she walked through the door, I felt that skip of delight that I had almost forgotten. Most of my soulmates live miles from my door and after awhile, I don't even realize I've gotten used to that void and forget the face-to-face. This morning, I remembered. Remembered what it is to have a friend drop in, to begin anywhere, to drift lazily at sea among an ocean of words and laughter. Hopscotching from topic to topic, pulling each other up and giving each other a little push.

Every day, I miss the blond with the fiery resolve and infectious laugh who holds my secrets. I miss the curly-haired one with whom I shared food, an apartment, and millions of every-day moments. I miss the talented, quiet brunette who first sat next to me junior year. I miss the sister of my blood and my soul. They are part of me always. I miss, but I am learning how not to let the distance define us. I'm moving from missing to accepting. From regret to appreciation, as we work together, tugging and pulling, forcing that distance to shrink. And I revel in the fact that I have one friend I don't have to miss yet, the dark-haired creative artist that I can visit anytime.

Tonight, my feet are warmed by slippers made with a sister's love. My best friend's faces laugh up at me from the frame on the coffee table. And the morning holds a particular smile, and a reminder that friendship is not a limited space with defined rules, but an ever-widening sphere that can encompass it all- the far, the near, the lonely, the fulfillment, the memories, the future. I have everything. 


  1. This brought a flow of tears to my eyes. I know so much how it is to be far away from those who are so dear. Now having someone to pop in on is like a place of rest and
    replenishment for my soul. Love Jo

    1. :) I'm so glad you liked it- I love that we both understand each other.

  2. How lovely to find my way here through your sweet comment. Somehow it was just what I needed to hear today. Ireland is grey and overcast right now, and I hope you are not too far and get here when you need to, there will be blue skies again!!!

    Love your writing and the mystery I am finding here, yes you have everything, isn't it wonderful!!

    1. Oh thank you, Catherine! What a wonderful compliment. I live far from Ireland, but it is always part of me. We hope to visit again next year. Until then, I can visit through your lovely pictures and words. :)



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